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Let your friend know you are thinking of them with one of these beautiful thoughtful packages. Brighten up their day and let them know there are brighter days ahead of them. We have free delivery on all packages.

About Brighter Days Ahead

The Brighter Days Ahead store is currently closed. We will reopen later in 2017.

100% of profits go to charity

Brighter Days Ahead is a social enterprise whose profits go to Child.org. Child.org work in communities where there are barriers to children’s good education, health and protection - they find out what the barriers are and break them down. When you buy a Brighter Days Ahead package, you are looking after your friend at the same time as looking after someone halfway around the globe.



Often it’s when we’re our most unhappy or stressed we stop taking time to do the things we enjoy, that we know are good for us and make us feel better, brighter. Whether that’s listening to your favourite tunes, going for a run or just catching up with your best mate.

It’s also true that when our friends are going through a tough time, either through poor mental health, grief, stress, a breakup or being physically unwell, we don’t know what to do to help. We wanted a refreshing way to let your friend know you are thinking of them and that you believe there are Brighter Days Ahead.

The package both allows the gifter to say “I am here until those brighter days come” and helps the recipient with practical gifts to encourage self care. Whether that be with mood-enhancing playlists; mind-focusing crafts or practical activities; a thoughtful message; a delicious treat; or just a cup of tea to take a little time out for a brew.



Brighter Days Ahead is made by Kimberley Montgomery and Heather Boudour, a Producer and Designer respectively. They wanted a way to look after their friends in a thoughtful way that had a positive impact on all involved. Brighter Days Ahead helps the recipient, with a beautiful gift to help them look after themselves; the giver, by preparing the handwrapped and handwritten package and sending it on their behalf; and, to top things off, Child.org, who work tirelessly in sub-Sharan Africa giving children the chance of a good education.

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